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Ask the Expert - Navigating the E-Invoicing Mandate for Malaysian Businesses

Unlocking the Future of Business Efficiency with E-Invoicing​

On-demand webinar

Join us for an exclusive session – "Ask the Expert" – as Malaysia embarks on its e-invoicing mandate, reshaping the business landscape in the digital age.

With the recent announcement of the SDK launch, the countdown to Malaysia's e-invoicing deadline on August 1st, 2024, has begun. Don't miss our exclusive "Ask the Expert" session, where we'll delve into the crucial details surrounding the SDK launch and equip you with the insights needed to meet the impending deadline."

Session Overview:​

Understanding the E-Invoicing Mandate​

As Malaysia moves towards a paperless future, the e-invoicing mandate is set to revolutionize the way businesses operate. As the deadline of August 1st, 2024, looms closer, businesses face the urgent task of ensuring SDK readiness. Join us for an exclusive "Ask the Expert" session where we'll delve into the critical details surrounding the SDK launch and provide essential guidance to help your business meet the impending deadline.​

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Why Attend?

This session is not just about compliance; it's about seizing the opportunities that e-invoicing presents. Learn how to optimize your business processes, enhance efficiency, and drive growth by embracing e-invoicing. Our team of experts will guide you through the intricacies of the mandate, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the upcoming changes. 

What to Expect:​

  • SDK Launch Insights: Learn firsthand about the newly announced SDK and its implications for your business.
  • Business Readiness Roadmap: Get insights into the steps needed to ensure your business is ready to navigate the e-invoicing landscape seamlessly.​
  • Expert Guidance: Our seasoned professionals will provide invaluable advice and strategies to ensure your business is fully prepared for the e-invoicing mandate.​

Who should attend:

CFOs, Finance and Tax Leaders and IT Leaders

How Thomson Reuters Can Help:

Our commitment to your success goes beyond this session. Thomson Reuters, with its vast expertise in regulatory compliance and digital transformation, is uniquely positioned to assist you in preparing for the e-invoicing mandate. From software solutions to expert consultations, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your business not only complies with the mandate but thrives in the digital future.

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Mark Oh
Indirect Tax Lead,
Thomson Reuters

Mark is Thomson Reuters’ Indirect Tax Lead for the product, and solutions consultancy team across APAC, Japan, China, and SEA. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, with over 25 years spanning across large multi-national corporates and accounting firms both in Australia and in the APAC region, including a career at both BlackRock and Nomura where he was the regional head of tax for those organisations based in Hong Kong. With tenure both in-house as well as in advisory firms, he brings deep commercial acumen as well as technical corporate and indirect tax experience.

Uma Maheswaran Paneer Selvan
Indirect Tax Solutions Consultant,
Thomson Reuters

Uma Maheswaran is Indirect Tax Solutions Consultant in Thomson Reuters' Solutions Consulting team covering  MENA, APAC and SEA. Uma has knowledge of implementing indirect tax process automation for over 15 years at major accounting firms and multinationals in MENA, SEA and APAC. With vast experience in implementations and solution consulting, he has a deep understanding of the functional and technical aspects of indirect tax regulations and automation. He has demonstrated his ability to successfully collaborate with multiple levels of businesses and stakeholders to reduce manual processes, optimize costs and to bring in business intelligence into indirect tax processes.